Friday, August 12, 2005

I love you Russia

I have just had a religious experience. Somewhere in the bleary ether of casual Friday, I awoke to find myself (incredibly) sitting upright reading and taking my daily tea... and then i saw it: Private Voyage to the Moon – US$100 million per seat.

It was if a warm and comforting light shone upon me--despite the sweat pants I didn't even mind the erection...

There will be a privately funded mission to the moon... Flown in a Soyuz capsule, two ridiculously rich (and lucky) fucks will be blasted where only a few have ever gone.

Oh to be a rich fuck.

I always knew it would happen, and it is so damn great to see it being planned for. Here is the link to the blessed company that'll send you there. And here is a link to my paypal account so that you can donate to my moon fund--'cause I know you're just dyin' to get me off the planet.

1 comment:

Nick said...

99.999 million left to go.

Donations welcome.