Monday, July 25, 2005

The Great Debut...

So here i am.

But for those of you not in the know, here is the backstory.

On one uncommonly mild December night, whilst the songbirds cooed their nighttime coos, and the earthworms snuggled in their earthen abodes… And in fact when all diametrically opposing forces in the universe were enjoying a categorical harmony, the slumbering city streets of a purpled and even’time huntington beach, california paused for a moment—the blessed moment of my birth. and then there was me.

And I was good.

The rest, is largely history—lived in long beach, moved to the beautiful mountain playground of mammoth lakes, california; moseyed to a sleepy lil’town in so. oregon named myrtle creek; finally finding myself in Portland, Oregon for my tenure at Lewis & Clark college and my opening debut into ‘The Real World.’

Then i started reading blogs.
Then sending articles.
Then ranting to my friends.

And so refer to my first statement.

Introductions aside, the purpose of this blog is x-fold (which is an oblique was of saying I really don't know yet); so let me define x=1: to rant about where i see science and technology taking us as a species in the coming years--if not decades.

So stay tuned... The ride should prove interesting.